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LonScanner packet timestamp can drift significantly. The driver has not been certified for compatibility with Windows Vista. The numbers in parentheses at the end of the problem descriptions are Echelon’s internal problem tracking IDs. Open the Windows Control Panel. Click the Repair button. When used in conjunction with the SmartServer and i.

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The numbers in parentheses at the end of the problem descriptions are Echelon’s internal problem tracking IDs. The OpenLDV installer installs all required drivers needed to access the i. This is a known Windows Vista problem, caused by Vista compression of the cached installation program used in the uninstall process — see http: It cannot be called from a bit client application. RNI names, in the format x. Select the Advanced tab.

NET 4 installed does not imply that you opwnldv have Framework 3. The fact that you have. Uninstall the OpenLDV 4.

Installing the openldv driver, Installing the openldv sdk – Echelon OpenLDV User Manual

This is normal and the control panel application will function normally in this environment. Click Click Here for Support Information. Plug the USB device back in.


Advanced users managing a large number of remote network interfaces from a single computer running OpenLDV may wish to create specialized connection profiles using the xDriver Profile Editor. If you try to install. This will cause all functionality added in OpenLDV betwork.

OpenLDV Network Driver ReadMe

The following are known OpenLDV problems and their workarounds. If some OpenLDV functionality is not working after installation, but before reboot, try again after rebooting your computer. Select Server Manager within the Server Manager tool selection tree. See the LonWorks Interfaces online help for details of the available configuration options.


LON products, the OpenLDV driver provides outstanding security including RC4 encryption, MD5 authentication, and protection from replay attacks, as well as transparent, fault-tolerant session recovery when the IP connection or power to the SmartServer or i.

The installer completes the OpenLDV driver installation.

Echelon’s family of entwork interfaces includes the following:. Click Click Here for Openldv 4. The Echelon network interface cards formerly supported by a separate driver installation have been incorporated into the OpenLDV installation.

This document contains important information about the OpenLDV driver. If you are using an i. Openldc a valid IP address or hostname in this field. This occurs because the OpenLDV 4.


When used in conjunction with the SmartServer and i. If you experience software behavior changes as a result of another software installation, you can repair this product installation through the following procedure:.


Normally, you are not required to reboot your computer after installing the OpenLDV driver and no completion dialog appears when the installation completes successfully. Right-click My Computer on your desktop or Start menu and select Properties. After installing the OpenLDV 4. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

This occurs because the OpenLDV 4. Most firewalls are not this restrictive hetwork will normally be configured to permit outbound connections based only on the target-side port number, allowing the source-side port number to be any value. The installation does not always inform the user when a reboot is required.