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My test boxes both x86 and x64 were clean windows 10 installs right off of the retail DVD. I even went as far as to go on Alibaba to find the most cheapest wireless xbox controller and buy that hoping i would get one of these duds that connect badly so i could tear it apart and find out what is happening.. Ive installed the drives, and my computer detect the device, but the controller will not pair. This mostly happens when using the emulator ePSXe but the disconnecting and reconnecting also happens less often in other games. Even the battery life has improved. The dropbox account keeps getting suspended due to high traffic loads and too many other sites were hot-linking to it.

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Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

The only time the software really comes into play is when you pair a new controller up to the receiver which could be why when you reload the driver it works. You can follow mheap on Twitter. First of all thanks for the guide but I have some problems.

Much less to sync.

Thoughts on this post aa Thanks to the guys at S-config. So no real complaints about connectivity or lag issues.


Check the USB port device.

My controller is installed and working on Windows 10 64bit with the Chinese xbox wireless receiver. This is not a good sign. Contact your vendor and ask for a gamijg if that is the case.

Chinese Xbox Wireless Receiver Driver setup – S-Config

Thanks a lot for this, you made my day. Then you probably have a defective. We may have to get one of these! I just had to update my cornerstone blog to windows 10 since a lot of people hfe on it now. Sir I Thank you for your wisdom and dedication!

Have fun gaming out there! If the wizard fails to install the software, continue with the next section, “Step 2: Or perhaps you are a seller of these receivers and are looking for a document that you can print up and attach to your reciver. I even get them to pair and sync.

Did the drivers install correctly or if there an error? Despite having 3 copies of the same driver in one archive the download size is actually less receivdr downloading one driver from Microsoft.

Finally, you could try different USB ports. Click on Browse my computer for driver software. I also know on the older China adapters they put this foil sticker along the bottom of the dongle that actually interferes with wireless connectivity.


Manuals and warranty info. I worked the entire day trying to make it work.

Also, I have modified the original Microsoft INF driver to work with windows 10 and have published a tutorial about it over here. If you have extracted it to your C: Also you get to visually see how terrible the Reeceiver is on the X-Box controller.: If xboox is not showing up at the device manager level where you have to right-click on the unknown device and update driver software.

We see that we have other devices that the system cannot identify. Once your device downloads and applies the update, try using the receiver again. Wireoess, people have reported that the official guitar hero for the xbox version does work and logs itself as a Xbox joystick adapter so no problems with the driver.

I should probably do the same for windows 10 as well.