This program queries the drive to see what its reading and writing capabilities are. Five tracks on the disc contain a sequence of progressively more difficult tests. To top it all off, Memorex has included a great software bundle from Nero. The MRXG’s writing quality was very good. The test confirms the very strong error corrections of the Memorex drive. With Fuji’s 48x media, the drive started writing at about

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Its “extreme” behavior unveiled some exceptional results in some tests but also some failures in others. As you can see, the drive had no problems reaching this speed in our tests. When it came to media compatibility, the MRXG gave memoerx some mixed results. We have a computer that is used only for testing hardware.

Testing a drive’s DVD writing quality isn’t easy. By looking at the screenshots above, you can see that Memorex’s new drive starts writing at about 8.

Thank you for helping us maintain CNET’s great community. The first section goes over the MRXG’sfeatures, system requirements, package contents and specifications.

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The errors start at around the 20min mark of the disc, where the scratch is located. The higher the Check Level passed, the more reliable the sound reproduction of the tested drive. You’re also going to get different results for single and dual layer discs. Testing a drive’s DVD writing quality isn’t easy. To top it all off, Memorex has included a great software bundle from Nero. Once you reboot, you’ll be ready to start burning your own discs. For this test I used a pressed CD containing one Mode 1 data track.


The drive appears to have had some problems in the second layer, reducing speed momentarily at around the 4. However, because it scans with an ECC sum of 8, a higher number of PIF errors is acceptable, as long as they do not exceed The drive managed to correct the majority of the defects on our test discs and scored quite high, compared to competitive drives.

So far I have tried uninstalling them from device manager and rebooting in hopes that plug and play would save the day and reinstall them. Redesigned to maximize ease-of-use, Nero Express gives users the ability to quickly and easily burn audio, data and video to CD or DVD. This is a very rough, but good way to test the drive’s error correcting abilities.

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I created about 8GB of random files and directories on my hard drive and then burned them to our test discs with Nero. These slideshows can then be burned to disc or published to the web. You’ll find discussions about fixing problems with computer hardware, computer software, Windows, virusessecurityas well as networks and the Internet. With this in mind, the MRXG scores a 9 out of 10 for the installation portion of this review. The media types, along with the average time it took the drive to write our 4.


A good performance from the Memorex drive in this test.

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Which program do you use to create the DVD formatted disc? The reading speed of those discs, however, was rather slow compared to other drives’ tests with the same media. However when i try to play it on DVD players it get Unsupported format errors. While both drives are almost physically identical, Memorex has tried to set theirs apart by giving it a black and silver bezel. The score given is an average of the three. In case you run into trouble and need some help, Memorex has included a small “Software Guide.

It also provides the capability to measure signal parameters related to pit geometry, such as asymmetry and reflectivity. Next to the jumper block is the analog audio connector.