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The number of seconds between consecutive connection retries. Specifies the password for connecting to the system. Smaller LOB thresholds may increase frequency of communication to the system, but will only download LOB data as it is needed. Specifies the user name for connecting to the system. Unable to get managed connection for ja. Caching SQL packages locally reduces the amount of communication to the system for prepares and describes.

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There is no problem datasource connection with as driver. This property has no effect unless the “sort” property is set to “table”. Writing truncated j400 data to the database always throws an error and using truncated numeric data in a query always posts a warning, unless specified otherwise by the use of the “numeric range error” property.

The SystemValue class allows the retrieving and setting of a single system value. Possible values are the following. A SystemValueList is retrieved using the SystemValueGroup class which represents a user-defined collection of system values and network attributes.

This feature da not yet fully implemented in JTOpen 9. Specifies whether to cache a subset of the SQL package information in client memory. Finally, the Toolbox classes provide access to operational information about the system, including user, job, and system value information. If none is specified, then the user will be prompted, unless the “prompt” property is set to “false”, in which case da attempt to connect will fail.


Instantiating explicit conn ection provider: Bound data source [java: Specifies the criteria for retrieving data from the system in blocks of records. Specifies the output string type of bidirectional data.

The Ax class is the abstract base class for the record-level access classes. Defines a comma separated list of port numbers to be used in conjunction with the servers specified by the clientRerouteAlternateServerName property. The following criteria determine which database is accessed: Each of these host servers runs in a separate job on the system, communicating with a Java client program using architected data streams on a socket connection.

The User class provides detailed information about each user or group. Specifies whether “currently committed” access is used on the connection. Looks like that the connection is not accepted by jt400 DB.

SQLWarning object for each warning returned by the database.

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The behavior depends on the resultSetType: Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. For example, “6” starts the database monitor and starts debug. Specifies whether result set data is compressed. Larger block sizes reduce the frequency of communication to the system, and therefore may increase performance.


Specifies whether to use extended dynamic support. The default value is “true”.

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen

Print and message resources are also available. Specifies whether to delay closing cursors until subsequent requests. If this property is set to “true”, cursors are not ut400 when a transaction is committed.

Through the file system classes, a Java program can open an input or output stream, open a file for random access, list the contents of a directory, and do other common file system tasks.

Specifies whether to add newly prepared statements to the SQL package specified on the “package” property. IBM i messages, message queues, and message files are accessed using the message classes.

This will increase performance when accessing the initial rows in the ResultSet.