Pull the toner cartridge out. An error has occurred and the printer requires your attention to correct a problem. Page Pack the removed toner cartridge in the box in which the installed toner cartridge was packed up. Friction or excessive pressure may generate heat and eventually cause electric shock or a fire accident. Mottle If you use non-recommended print media, use the print media recommended for the printer.

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We welcome any comments on ambiguities, errors, omissions, or missing pages. Using the Operator Panel This chapter includes: Using the Output Tray Extension The output tray extension is designed to prevent go media from falling from the printer after the print job is complete.

Xerox DocuPrint CP105 b User Manual

Adjust the color registration before using your printer. With the document open in your application, click File, and then click Print.

Most paper items are susceptible to damage from ultraviolet UV and visible light. Select the paper type from the print driver if the loaded print media is not standard plain paper.

I cannot get a Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CPb printer to function with OS – Microsoft Community

I had the same problem, reinstalled the drivers, tried everything. Determining Values On the color registration chart printed, find the straightest lines where the two black lines and the colored line are most closely aligned for each color Y, Hkw, and C.


Printing Basics This chapter includes: Push the rear cover handle and open the rear door. Printing Options For Windows With the desired document or graphic open in your application, access the Print dialog box.

I cannot get a Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP105b printer to function with OS Windows 8.

Lift the printer and move it gently. I am having the dociprint problem and also have an asus vivobook. Warnings When another error occurs, Error indicator lights up and the toner indicators do not light up.

Printing Custom Size Paper This section explains how to print on custom size paper using the print driver. Fusing Unit or a heat roller.

Print Media Usage Guidelines The printer tray accommodates most sizes and types of paper and other specialty media. This thread is locked. Connect the power cord to the power connector on the rear of your printer see “Rear View” Right-click the icon for insyall printer, and then select Printing Preferences.

When you choose Print from a software program, a window representing the print driver opens. Operator call errors require some kind of intervention to resolve the problem. Trademarks And Document Disclaimer 3. My disk to install the printer will go through but stops installation due to the Instll.



Jow 4 Identifying the Location of Paper Jams Getting Help This section includes: Contacting Fuji Xerox This chapter includes: Follow the instructions on the web site and download an appropriate print driver. Pull the length guide forward until it stops.

Resolution Data Processing Resolution: More Warnings Resetting to Factory Defaults.

Loading Print Media Loading print media properly helps prevent jams and ensures trouble-free printing. Docupfint you use non-recommended print media, use the print media recommended for the printer.

Click Print Test Page in the Properties window of the print driver. I hope this helps you too, if not I suggest contacting Fuji Xerox support, if you go to their website there is a number.