Mitra, 6 is also found in the library of the Society It is remarkable that none of the stanzas of Arya-saptasatl is quoted in Skm. The Arhats whose depravities iasavja are destroyed fall, however, asleep because of the inherent feebleness of their corporal body, produced from karma, which launches the mind of the Arhats into the pure unsullied state of life-continuum bhavanga. Review of — Mohenjo-daro and the Indus Civilization. Instead of treating us for instance with a long list of river- names or names of peoples pell-mell as does the Mahabhmata , the Purdnas would arrange the rivers as taking their rise from specific mountain-ranges or flowing in specific directions, and the peoples as occupying severally the regions to the North, to the South, and so forth. Paricavijnianakaya-samprayuktam styianaip kayikam ityucyate.

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God in Dvaita Vedanta.

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The two verses assigned to Sarana in Pdv nos. This shows that at least in some quarters there was a widespread belief that the Avataras were not al- together fictitious beings, but that they were actually bom in this mortal world.

Law of theft in Chinese Kan-su: It is therefore too fragile a reed on which to rest so important a theory. These rites had the object of warding off the evils associated with old age. This might have partly been also a result of the general revival of Sanskrit learning, probably under similar circum- stances, in Kashmir, Kanauj, Dhara, Kalyana, Mithila and Kalinga.


Besides the Purianas and older Dharma-sastra authors, Aniruddha quotes more recent authorities, among whom he mentions Bhojadeva and Govindaiiaja in his Hma-lala. If liquor had ever been defilement itself, it would have been so mentioned in the various passages like A iii.

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Nun bezeichnet bekanntlich der Aorist in der vedischen Literatur die aktuelle Vergangenheit, das ktirzlich Geschehene: The Mahanataka is another example of a so-called drama, which was undoubtedly influenced in form and spirit by popular literature.

Karl Schnabel,and into French by G. Hsee that also be considered as a hindrance.

Delegation eri Perse review Beyond this general observation we will haee tackle that larger problem here.

But inasmuch as it leads to defilements or minor taints, weakening insight, it is so mentioned. This factor is not referred to by Buddhaghosa. Buddhism in Khotan, Tawney’s translation oj Somadeva’s Katha Sarit Sagara. Zah-zuh language,contents.

The second work4 intended for the Samavedic followers of Gobhila, is concerned chiefly with rites and observances connected with Sraddha 4221 funeral ceremony ; but it hasew a treatment of general duties like Mouth- washing AcamanaTeeth-cleaning Danta-dhavanaAblution Snana1.


Following the Afthakathias, he is emphatic in denying the same. Plural form in Prakrit, Mitra Noticesiv, no. Obituary Notice of— Eleanor Henrietta Hull. Fouif of these verses nos. The fame of his Gita-govinda 2 has never been confined within the limits of Bengal. Syntax; ff.

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See JASB,pp. It is recorded there: Process fi intense concentration on the inner self. Ma rimane pur sempre comprensibile il fatto che i documenti pervenutici stanno a testi- monial necessity essoteriche, le quali comportavano il limite imposto alia divulgazione del sacro sapere. Accusative with Infinitive, The honori- fic Acarya, mentioned by Jayadeva as well as haser the poem itself verse Hilgenberg would say that the author of the Epic added these during the process of adaptation.

It does not strictly follow the Sanskrit tradition, but bears closer resemblance to the spirit and style of Apabhramsa or vernacular poetry.