Unscrew the service panel door on the back of the unit to expose the waste tubes. Say you want to print a page of text in black and white. I too have had problems with an Epson CX in that I was getting no prints even after cleaning heads etc. Hi all, I read this forum with interest. The last piece of waste tubing was “stopped-up solid” at the very end where the “ink dumps out” on the unit bottom and is “soaked-up”. They would not say much, other than typical “We’ll do what we can to fix or replace it”.

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The only significant difference I’ve seen in my experience is that they said cx4600 would be mailing me separately instructions to return my I have the new after going 6 months with the I just called today after finding this thread.

Epson CX | FixYourOwnPrinter

I recieved my replacement Epson printer today. I guess they have found out that they built a piece of crap.

A I purchased for a little old lady was used very little over ten months. With a free printer on the way, I decided to try to clean the unit myself Thanks again to this group Yes, the customer service was excellent, but if they make crap then I’ll be switching to something that will last.


They may replace it. FYOP sells an Epson cleaning flush but if you are willing to take a chance, that’s where to find the sponge.

I had the same problem as everyone else here. It is easy to see how this ink path can mess things up especially with the Durabrite pigment epsin which easily clogs in tubing. Just got off the phone with Epson Canada. I used three sets of ink cartridges and a set of special cleaning cartridges, attempting to clean the head, as specified in the Epson manual Can anyone help me with the Epson customer service number?

Epson CX4600

I’m joining the chorus of CX users who have experienced the same ink-jam as have been described by just about everyone on this forum.

This thread was very helpful to me – thank you all. Or, register your product online. I’ll be looking at Cannon printers today!

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

Mine lasted for years of trouble free print. What questions did they ask of you before they agreed to replace it? The Epson service representative eoson the new CX uses the durabrite inks only.

Purchased my CX late in 04 but let it set in unopened box till last month. Good luck in your printer search.


Epson, shame on you. I’m getting the too. EPSON knows about it, and does nothing but give you options to fix your broken printer in which sometimes they ship it back to you still broken or they give you a discount to buy a newer model that will more than likely break down within the one year warranty.

I pretended to walk through the troubleshooting with her and convinced her that all I had was blank pages. He said he didn’t want me to call them anymore because I was inconvenienced enough, he wanted to fix the problem.

There are a few tips that i use. And in the end, Epson stood by its product.

I got the spiel about it being out of warranty and my options. At the prices they charge they are quickly becoming throw away printers. I would also like to say that Southwest Airlines and American Express also have given me great service in the past.

BTW, my problem is exactly the same as others: