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All the Best, John. First — the current position in the buffer is saved in the CPLD because that will be needed to calculate the trigger position in the upload buffer later on. Scan and show both work fine:. HW revision has been produced in the meanwhile? I am kind of ashamed posting this question reading the level of the topics already posted.

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If you take as a hypothesis that the convoluted trigger recovery code has a slight error that causes it, and that this is showing up in every implementation, it might be fixable. I make it work on Windows 8 last nigth. Analog output does work, and sticking my finger on the probe produces output. I like to poke things a bit: What distro of Linux are you using? But the problem for me is that I require stable basic operation under XP.

My DSO has never had traces that match when hooked to the same signal, Hantek has never given me any assistance, maybe you can.

OpenHantek | Openhantek

Channel 1 was connected to the base of a BC transistor when i was trying to replace a resistor with dso-0290 relay still energized. What can be wrong?

Most importantly, the spectrum did not work for me, and the software was not entirely stable. All relays are wired into a 74HC octal buffer and controlled by the Cypress interface, while the analog multiplexer is wired into the CPLD directly. The inverse of the this Deo-2090 shift operation is very simple — just start on the left side and shift right. Trigger normal on — edge and trigger at 1. Happy to hear it worked out!


Inside a Hantek DSO-2090 USB Oscilloscope

I looked at the pix and dzo-2090 interested to note that the has a trigger relay whereas your does not. I dso-22090 tried to comment out the trigger point conversion but you can image what the result is. I ve noticed that the analog front end is shielded I have a single udev rules file where I add all my custom rules to make things easy to backup. XOR is the most popular instructions for obfuscation and this particular method is very easy to implement and requires no key.

However, putting the OpenHantek trigger in Auto mode and changing the timebase down to 10ms or less and I started seeing some action. However, that may be the only case where a lot of bits change at once — As I say below, my interest waned after Bert set me straight about the transform being done in the CPLD.

How to use the Hantek DSO-2100 USB oscilloscope in Linux

There may well be some simple feedback arrangement of logic gates on a sixteen bit shift register that produces this kind output. How about the trigger?

I suspect this has somehow caused the short, however, at a loss to understand how it could have happened since the relay had a protection diode dso-2009 it. When I set acquisition to normal I see a conventional glitch — the waveform jitters to the left of the trigger point.


I grabbed the latest git trees and rebuilt everything and now it just works, well done!

The TriggerCounter is a downcounter set to the trigger percent of the current buffer size. The final thing this screen reveals is a recurring problem with this version of OpenHantek.

When I overlay both channels the glitch shows up identically on both. It s a genuine Hantek and not a knock-off. It was averaging two waveforms and only one had the glitch so the average of the two would be halfway.

Those figures probably ljnux matters if your are building something more high end think of having the ADC part of a more complex signal processing chain …. Scan and show both work fine:. Post something if you get some result!

Inside a Hantek DSO USB Oscilloscope | fabiobaltieri

I set the time base to 10us and the vertical to 1 volt dc coupled. The production line might have a great day when your 60 mhz part was made and ended up marking a mhz part as a 60 because they had a quota to fill.

If you are using my repo there is a clock hack on it, just revert the last commit git revert HEAD and rebuild.