Therefore, unless you know for certain that the directories on a volume are highly uniform with respect to the number of files they contain, the displayed “percent complete” during this phase cannot be considered a reliable representation of the actual time remaining for this phase. You can’t post new topics. But that is for another day to worry about, tomorrow or next week. I’ve talked with the administrator of the SAN and I have asked if there was anything that needed to be done. No Idea what is left to be done.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Fiber drivers could be a whole other story on being outdated.

Solved: Can you run Chk disk on a SAN volume? – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Also the other servers connected to the 2 fiber switches haven’t dhkdsk up yet. I’m guessing that thin-provisioning wasn’t a thing before journaling filesystems were a thing. Backups are done every night, full backups once a week. If handles remain open or the cluster contains a single shared disk If programs or drivers maintain an open handle to the shared disk, or if there is only a single shared disk on which the quorum log is storedyou must take the entire cluster down.


A SAN usually has a storage manager you can view. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

What Raid is it? You can’t post HTML code.

I apologize, I was a bit tired and failed to specify the different switches that could cause the unwanted expansion. You can read topics. You must also shut down the other nodes in the cluster so that they do not take ownership of the shared disk when the node restarts.

The event logs on the server itself, gave a NTFS error file corrupt, whenever we tried to delete a ch,dsk file, that is why I ran the chkdsk. Hi, Depends on the OS. There are tx log backups happening every 15 mins. Thank you for your reply.

SOLVED: How To Perform a Chkdsk on a Clustered Shared Volume on an iSCSI SAN

You can’t send private messages. United States – English. This is my backup volume data and tx logs are on separate vols. You can’t delete your own topics. Run checkdsk on original server. fhkdsk


But that is for another day to worry about, tomorrow or next week. So I’m just a few years out of date for that nice new chkdsk in Not because they’re related, but simply because thin-provisioning has only become popular relatively recently.

Also consider that if you let chkdsk do any repairs, and it touches anything in the database files, it will most-likely result in database corruption.

chkdsk /F on a SAN drive : sysadmin

You can’t send emails. United Kingdom – English. But we ended up calling MS and they said that the chkdsk was stuck and told us to cancel it. Repeat on any extra volumes if required. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience.

Didn’t check the storage manager logs. Thanks for helping the rookie. I’m closing in on a little more than 29 hours.