The M has a couple of power saving features that help extend battery life and two AAA sized batteries are estimated to last for more than 3 months. My is no longer a paperweight. Tiger just came out. Instead, the optical sensor doubles up to show status by blinking fast when the battery is low. Press the eject button to release the wireless receiver. It seems that every time I plug the receiver in, there is a delay of about 10 seconds before my mouse becomes responsive. Moreover, with one touch of the release button, users can eject the receiver or battery cover with ease.

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Eject the receiver out and the mouse will begin to work.

Bneq of course, there’s always that old trick of creating a new Account with the b Accounts preference pane, and logging into it, to see if the problem persists in the new Account.

Then there is the problem of sweaty or oily fingers disrupting movement and pointer tracking on touchpads, something every notebook user would have experienced sometime or another. Sep 17, 5: The mouse will go into automatic sleep mode after it has not been used for a period of time. The M has a couple of power saving features that help extend battery life and two AAA sized batteries are estimated to last j310 more than 3 months.

Ask a question Reset. For what it’s worth, the M has slight depressions on its side, forming a contour that acts as a grip. Sep 28, Such features are usually reserved for larger mice, but M proves that it can be done even in ultra-mini designs.


BenQ Launches P600 Wireless Mouse, next generation of M310 series

Another thing we noticed was the subtle ergonomics of the mouse. The first is an automatic sleep mode, which the mouse will enter when idle for 5 minutes. Being a wireless mouse, there is surely a wireless receiver to be found somewhere.

Of course, this now begs the question: Pressing both left and right mouse buttons and the scroll wheel button simultaneously and the mouse will go into sleep mode. After uninstalling USB Overdrive, my mouse now responds after 4 seconds, like yours. Maybe you can try feedback to Benq.

Do not let the size fool you though, BenQ has made some effort to make sure the mouse isn’t all plain Jane. With a device this small, you may not even notice any benefit this feature brings, but as the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”.

Sep 27, 5: Vehemently taking advantage of its astonishing award-winning abilities, BenQ introduces its new generation, P Wireless Ultra Portable Optical Mouse, a technologically advanced wonder, featuring streamlined design macc its enlarged touch area for better controlling and up to 4 power saving modes making it an ideal companion for professionals on-the-go. Superior Multiple Power Saving Modes for Durable Battery Life The most user-friendly and intuitive-to-use 4 power saving modes technology of P provides on-the-go laptop users with a prolonged battery life for better convenience and resolve the problem of ineffective consumption of electricity, including: Jul 13, 2: This is an old 3m10 page of HWZ prior to revamp.


BenQ Launches P Wireless Mouse, next generation of M series | BenQ Europe

The puzzling aspect of this problem is why does the BenQ M b work under Panther? Press the eject button to release the wireless receiver. But the phone number response was more promising. In the past we’ve reviewed a few models from Gigabyte, which fit the requirements admirably.

BenQ M310 Wireless Optical Mouse

Pedro Figueiredo Pedro Figueiredo. Due to its size, there is no way for an adult to comfortably rest their hand or palm on the M and the majority will have to use the mouse with only their fingers. In this mode, you k310 notice that the sensor LED blinks very slowly. If you call their technical support line atand tell them the problem, they will ship you m10 new receiver free of charge.

Not so for the BenQ M, the wireless receiver is stored within the mouse itself, along with everything else you need for a stand alone device.

BenQ M USB mouse problems w Tiger -> 1… – Apple Community

Tiger just came out. Furthermore, if I plug in my corded mouse to my powerbook, it’s recognized instantly.

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