On Demand Automatically initiates a connection when you make an internet request. I’ve been working on trying to get my boss’s net working with this Linksys for hours now and this was the only guide that helped me get it running in PPPoE. Enter the proper port in the Base Port field. Westell or Procedure: For this example it was ports to

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You will not be wwstell to access the Westell interface if it is connected in conjunction with another router. Select Keep live and enter seconds Redial Period field.

bwllsouth The BellSouth supplied N are specifically designed with a unique firmware, interface, and features that are different from the standard retail Netopia models. Additionally, most new customers are able to install their BellSouth FastAccess DSL service within five business days of placing their order.

If you have a relatively popular router chances are there is a specific FAQ for it.

BellSouth Picks Westell DSL Modems

Some applications require a specific IP Address be assigned to the computer. Click on the Status tab from the menu then click on the Connect button to connect to the Internet.

Bellsotuh you have a go to the BellSouth Support Site and download the newest firmware. Using a simple Wireless Access Point WAP with the Westell enables an inexpensive way to share your connection that is easy to set up and very reliable.


The modem is also a router with a built in PPPoE client that eliminates the need for any connection software on the PC and networking is as easy as adding a hub or switch. A firewall of some type is highly recommended. The current Westell Nodem Guide is available here.

It will not work with all OSs and can not be easily networked.

Bellsouth DSL wireless help with Westell … – Apple Community

I can access the modem settings through launchmodem, and if I knew the dadgum settings I would plug them in myself, although I am far from a techie. Reset the router to default by pressing the reset button for roughly 20 seconds exact placement of the button differs per model.

This is normal and does not effect your connection. These procedures are most- most appreciated as all service launched beautifully.

It is highly recommended that you click here and update your Westell firmware. Unfortunately, this does not always work as designed and it mosem cause connection problems. One method bellsputh extra equipment second NIC and a hub and major configuration changes. Other Linksys routers including wireless routers are similar and can use the basic setup of this FAQ. After the modem has fully reinitialized connect the Westell to the NIC and then power up the computer.

I am a little bit smarter too. New chipset offers improved performance and detailed monitoring and logging capabilities. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Manual Mode – Requires you to manually initiate your DSL connection much like a dial up modem configuration.


This is a known issue, however no new firmware is available to correct the problem. Port Forwarding on the Westell To enable port forwarding and open ports on the Westell westdll click here. The router uses They have remote diagnostics.

Huawei Video Resource Center. Step 6 On to the Westell modem settings! To verify your model number please check the sticker on the bottom of modem.

If bellssouth are using a separate router in conjunction with the Westell you will will need to connect the Westell directly to a single PC in order to access the modem’s interface. On the positive side, the bold shape and muted colors do qualify it as a post-modern piece of art that can be used as a coffee table conversation starter.

Several steps in this FAQ are dependent on the Westell model number and firmware. After changing my Linksys router setting to restore internet, the Westell modem could not be accessed at it ip address.