But to get your music out there, you need to record, right? The stereo headphone out lets you jam along with your tracks without disturbing the neighbors, or use it to hook up a pair of active monitors and get your friends in on the action! I took files I had on my old disk I saved all versions I could find back in time, also 64bit one. It’s not there, and it used to be. Looks awesome, very versatile too if it can handle a condenser mic. The latency seems to be pretty good. I’ve been searching the web like crazy for some help.

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This step ensures that the driver is properly loaded and the device is up and running in Windows.

Hey Michael – I have the same question. I had to fiddle a little with the ASIO setting, mostly with which device was doing what got horrible feedback when the mic was set as a recording devicebut nothing else. The time now is Any idea how to bypass the Behringer to get a normal sound out of the speakers.

Behringer ASIO drivers disappeared | Cakewalk Forums

Hello, I follow your guide but I have this problem: The PC audio will then no longer be in exclusive mode and you can use youtube, play mp3s using any software etc.

At the site one finds the importat ASIO drivers I got the 64 bit onesand asio4all, as well as audacity the last two can be found in many other places. Step 6 is where you will normally run into problems and to fix this, you have to configure your ASIO4All settings.


I’ve acquired a guitar link from Behringer, model UCG If you are stuck with the UGCyou could try to use both your internal sound card for your music and your UGC for your bass, and mix both signals using a basic analog mixer. Now, it is likely the device will produce no sound when first plugged.

Something is wrong here But what if you want to play live as in e. These links may work. Installation for Windows A device driver is an interface that ensures communication between 2.

If behringger is any chance that the driver can show back up, I’m certain all UM2 users would appreciate it. I’ve been searching the web like crazy for some help.

Behringer UCG102 Guitar Link

This should route everything to your headphone jack of the Yesterday I reset my PC and had to reinstall this stuff again. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Audacity is a free software for recording and editing sounds. It’s not there, and it used to be. In the far right corner of your Windows taskbar, you should see a green icon, which if clicked will bring up your ASIO4All configuration window. A quick search for “UCG asio” brings up people complaining about there only being the ASIO4ALL driver on the Behringer support page and not finding the Behringer-specific driver and that it may be buried somewhere in their support pages.


Email required Address never made public. Well, I found a working solution. Update Yesterday I reset my PC and had to reinstall this stuff ug102.

I am even asil so sure about that, since on soundtrap I tried to plug my guitar through the Link, and it worked perfectly. It turns out that the player doesn’t use ASIO, so the multi server doesn’t really help me here. However, if you have done that already and are convinced that the other drivers will work better for you then you are welcome to contact our Behrihger Department and request the drivers directly via email.

Where did the Behringer ASIO drivers for the UCG102 and UM2 go?

If you are JUST getting into recording and want to dabble, this may be a good cheap solution hint: I’m just very surprised it’s been pulled down.

There is no way the USB guitar link can be picking up the mic signal but, it could also be noise. Most synth was “no bhringer without rendering first, but otherwise I was satisfied if I want do something with recorded results I use different PC in another room.

Otherwise, you could buy a bigger audio interface with which you would have less limitations.