Below you can see images of the individual programs. The slowest is the AOpen board which is two seconds after the leaders. Join the community here , it only takes a minute. The suite of applications work in tandem with the onboard uGuru chipset to receive data concerning hardware health, as well as to implement changes in current hardware settings such as FSB and voltage. A simple push of a button is everything that is needed and everything takes care of itself. With a lot of memory and fast RAID. Also the memory voltage can be raised very high.

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Have we ever had any problems overclocking our ABIT mainboards?

The PC-Health section for example has been improved and widened. MP3 encoding Fraunhofer II codec.

What should I say? If the Game Accelerator is activated the board gets a real lead. All of the programs which are included in the uGuru package are very user friendly and not at least useful. Wednesday, November 19, The ABIT card will overclock just as usual without any problems at.

After calling Abit’s technical support line, I disconnected the Zip drive and the computer boots just fine. The board under scrutiny is very clearly a revision 1.

ABIT AI7 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

Abti have always strived to push the limits of hardware and technology to bring the best overclocking experience to market that money can buy. It is not possible to configure neither the memory ratio nor memory timings.


A surveillance program which show temperatures, voltage and fan speed of the components you select.

The voltage limitations that existed on the IS7 are now completely gone. I have rebuilt my computer with the following configuration: Other hardware found in all the test systems: All trademarks used are ablt of their respective owners.

PIONEER BDC-S02 generation SATA compatibility list : PIONEER CORPORATION

Sure the specifications are in a great deal the same and there has not happened a lot in the layout front but there are still a few changes which would turn my early scepticism into only a memory. A number of agit cores and a wide range of mainboard chipsets later it is still many enthusiasts clear choice thanks to its performance, overclocking abilities and not at least stability.

The following components are integrated in to the board for your convenience: Join the community here. TechBubbel Podcast — One other feature offered is the ability to save selected settings under customized naming schemes. Simply a little bit nicer than the original one.

This orientation was most likely implemented for better power delivery to the CPU and to increase system stability while under heavy load. The AI7 has overclocking properties that are as complete as you could wish.


Abit AI7 & Internal IDE Zip Drive, won’t boot – TechSpot Forums

The card might be seen as the sequel to the IS7 considering the many similarities. The AI7 manages as expected in the game tests and scores very good as it always places itself among the top performers. HDDs, the AI7 would be a wet dream to all owners of a workstation. The front panel connector is in the lower left corner of the board, with the floppy connector above it along the left edge of staa board as well.

Its performance promises to make it an enthusiast favorite.

Abit AI7 & Internal IDE Zip 250 Drive, won’t boot

N orth bridge cooling. I really don’t mind pressing the enter key to continue with the computer’s boot cycle, but was wondering if any one out there has a fix for my problem. Ask a question and give support. You must log in or sign up to reply here.